Homemade Pizza

Pizza is just one of those foods that warms your home, heart and soul. I usually get judge-y when I see pizzas with Mac & cheese on top because I feel like it’s just disrespectful to the history of pizza, but when I asked the fisherman for some orate (sea bream) to put on my pizza…he looked at me with the same judge-y eyes. Wait until he finds out I also made it whole wheat and without mozzarella…

I love visiting the fisherman every Saturday. No matter what crazy idea I come up with on my walk there, he picks out the fish he thinks would be best. And I trust him. This time he gave me orate, salted anchovies from Napoli, and some fresh shrimp. After at first looking at me like I had 6-7 heads when I asked for fish for a pizza, he then got excited and suggested I wrap the orate in grilled zucchine…and so I did. So this pizza warms my heart a little extra because it’s made with the same love for ingredients by the people around me.

The mother yeast from my colleague’s grandmother, the flour stone-ground from a local farmer, the tomato sauce my own special recipe, the vegetables from the local market, and of course—the fish. Each ingredient telling their own story and pieced together to create something delicious.

What You’ll Need:

  • 50g lievito madre (mother yeast) or 10g dry yeast

  • 300g bread flour, stone-ground if you can! (tipo 0 macinata a pietra)

  • homemade tomato sauce

  • 1 zucchina

  • anchovies, cleaned (see GIF below)

  • orata, or local fresh fish

  • fresh oregano

  • fresh basil

  • fresh parsley

  • s&p to taste (qb)

  • water qb

  • olive oil qb


Mix the mother yeast with about 50mL water and 1 tbsp salt (I used one tablespoon because whole grain flour has a stronger taste). Let rest 5 minutes to get the gluten molecules going, as whole grains are more difficult to rise since there is naturally less gluten. Slowly mix the 300g of flour, little by little, adding water as necessary until dough is elastic, but not sticky. Cover with a tea towel and let rest at least 2 hours or until doubled in size (I let mine rest over night). Drizzle a baking sheet in oil. Press the dough into the form of the baking sheet or pizza stone if you have one. Leave imprints from your fingers for sauce and oil to collect. Cover with tea towel and let rest for 30 minutes. Slice the zucchina thin with a mandolin slicer or peeler and grill the slices with a little olive oil, salt, and fresh oregano. Slice the orate in thin pieces. Uncover the dough and bake at 200°C (395°F) for about 15 minutes, drizzling in oil or spraying with water halfway through. While the dough is baking, bring your sauce to a soft boil. Clean the anchovies by just rubbing them with a towel or paper towel/napkin to remove the salt. Don’t soak them! it will remove the incredible, fresh flavors of the Neapolitan gifts from the sea. Gently pull apart the halves by the top of the spine. Remove the bones down the spine, to the tail. Cut in pieces and let soak in fresh olive oil and basil leaves. Heat a drop of oil in a pan and sauté the fish with fresh oregano, black pepper and a pinch of salt. Add a drop of white wine (optional) and let evaporate in the pan, tossing the fish around until they’re cooked. Spoon the sauce onto your pizza dough. Wrap the cooked orate in grilled zucchine slices and garnish the pizza. Add the chopped anchovies, fresh parsley and serve. Buon appetito!

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